Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Review

Christmas and New Years was a very relaxing surprise! Although watching three dogs fight over three of the same exact toy was interesting. I haven't really talked about my pride and joy... Libby Lou! She is my eight month old English Bulldog who is the sweetest pain in the booty I know. So the long story short... I was lonely living in DC and desperately seeking a friend who would get excited to see me when I walked in the door. In my quest for a good smile I randomly started looking at puppies. I stumbled upon an English Bulldog breeder who was having a 50% off sale in Pennsylvania. So I rounded up Auntie Debbie( and we drove to York to pick up my new friend. My farting, snorting, wee zing, burping, bundle of joy! ALL THAT IS MINE... oh and about two weeks ago she had a tooth pulled because she was chewing on a Longaberger Basket and broke her right canine tooth. Although, I don't know whats worse the damage to the basket or my toothless dog. Oh and I found out why she was 50% off she has a black tail and that is not AKC acceptable! I am don't mind it gives her more character...
Our Canine Family!
Aunt Bea & Libby Lou
Savannah with one of the 3 Candy Canes
So the holidays! Hmm... the fast version on both. Christmas I helped mom do power shopping, made Fruit Baskets, Sandwiches and Catered to help alleviate the holiday rush at my parents grocery store. Power wrapped gifts and then the day was here. Grandma Janet(the Grace in the Olive and Grace) came and had Mimosa's and breakfast, got a visit from my eccentric Uncle Jim turned Canadian citizen, played guitar hero with Hunter my little cousin and finished Christmas with watching hours of Two and a Half Men the First Season! A week later it was New Year's eve and I made dinner for Mom and Dad. Let me tell ya I impressed my self... Fillet Minion, Green Beans wrapped in pig flavored ribbon candy (bacon) and roasted potatoes. Watched marathon elf, saw the ball drop and was in bed by 12:30 pretty great. Yesterday went to grandma's and mom and I started a 2009 quilt. To wrap it all up I ate the traditional New Year's day dinner of Sauerkraut and Pork!
I am one happy girl it was a happy two holiday's that went way to fast. I don't think that I will ever understand why we prepare for months and end up only celebrating for 1 day for each. Crazy I tell you crazy. I don't usually make resolutions they are really easy to throw out the door so what I do is make lil' goals and try to work on things that need worked on. I forgot... I am happy to report that I recieved an order to design a quilt for a dear friend from high school. More to come on that in a later blog! In closing I hope that everybody had safe travels and happy holidays this season and Best Wishes in 2009. I know in my heart that this year is going to be a great one.
P.S. I am not fond of that traditional meal but they tell me it's good luck for the New Year.