Saturday, October 15, 2011

Atlanta Bound...

Well hello there!  So it's October 15th where has October gone?  So since my last blog I have been getting ready for Country Living Fair South in Atlanta.. yes Georgia!  How I know this is the shop is a mess, there are stacks of boxes and crap laying everywhere, and the TO-Do list is so long I really don't know where to begin and I woke up with a migraine!  Life is GOOD!  No I mean really the migraine is a good sign it means that I am worried but for good reasons! The best part is this year I have GEORGIA pillows made (they need finishing) and Amy Barickman ( will be back at the booth she is bringing some of her favorite patterns along with her book.  She is will be in and out of the booth through out CLF and she will be speaking on the main stage Friday and Saturday!

Dad is hauling pigs on Monday so that mean Monday evening we will be scrubbing that out and loading up all the goodies I have been working on.   We are leaving Tuesday morning and then we are on the road again for about 12 hours! My fav cousin Tiff will be joining me again to help and of course mom and dad.  Well I better get back to working on cutting or more important the GA pillows!  Hope to see you in Atlanta... oh the booth number is D22!