Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a great May

So what can a girl say it has been an amazing May and few weeks to add on that.  Mom and I spent a week in Orvieto... Italy that is!  I turned 29 years old in the land of grapes and parmigiana with a special lady named Sue and new friends who I will never forget.  I sit here and I am a bit typeless its hard to really express how beautiful and magical a place really is.  I think by far this was mom and I's greatest adventure YET.

Can you guess what Sue that I am talking about... yes it is the very talented and lovely Sue Spargo!  What a great week of sewing it was.  I can't tell you enough how talented the group of ladies that we meant!  We each made a project that was special to us from what we had seen and incorporated it into a collage of fibers from wool to cotton.  I wish I would have come home with that project done but I guess it will be nice working on it an remembering all the great fun we had.

This is Kori's definition of Italy: Romantic in both setting and the lovey dovey sense, its full of texture the country side really looks like a patchwork, its delicious and well what can I say inviting!  I would go back in a heartbeat...  to each of you that I have met on our trip you have each shown me that that where ever in the world you are you can find a kindred spirit.  I hope that someday our paths will cross again....

P.S. Oh yea when I got home I got engaged!  My Joshua asked me to marry him... a blog to come ;o)