Friday, October 8, 2010

Country Living Fair 2010 and a Sprained Ankle to Boot!

So I can't believe it has been two weeks since being in Columbus at Country Living Fair!  The time has flown... it was a great weekend and it was so nice to meet new people and see my shop customers at my booth.  Set up started off a little crazy being evacuated to the church because of tornado a warning was interesting and Friday setup was pretty hot! Other than that booth was booming all three days and it was a nice addition to have Amy Barickman there signing her new book Vintage Notions. If you plan on going to Atlanta CLF she will be back to the booth with more books to sign... so come see us!  I don't have as many pictures as I would like but here are a few. I went to take pictures on Friday morning before the early bird rush and realized I forgot my camera battery!  That's what happens when your up till three in the morning finishing up last minute projects.

It was a great weekend and so happy that it cooled off Saturday and Sunday.  The weekend went so quick. It was so nice Josh came down to spend the afternoon with me on Saturday. He helped out although at one point mom wanted him to man the booth and he freaked a little and expressed that he didn't know what I fat quarter was!  Abbie (one of my best friends) came to see me on Sunday it was so nice to see her.  I just want to mention though without my mom and dad the weekend would have never have worked.  They honestly are the hardest working people I know... man do I love them! By Sunday at 5 though we were beat  we got back home on Monday evening... Mom and I did some antiquing on our way home which was fun! Although getting home to unload not to fun... 

I was doing so good and my momentum was awesome unpacking and etc. Then last Thursday I had an altercation with a walnut. Yes you read this right... a WALNUT got under my foot and took me to the ground!  Well, while laying on the ground looking at the rainy sky and thinking literally I think I just heard (and felt) my ankle break. So next thing I know mom and I are on our way to Urgent Care one X-ray later I found out it was a sprain and the doctor so nicely mentioned that a sprain can be worse than a break!  I took the day off on Friday to rest and Saturday I tried as hard as I could to get the shop organized but realized it will get done another day. The shop is still a little messy but getting my ankle better I guess is more important. I saw my doc today and well I am getting a air cast boot to take to Atlanta for protection reasons and so I don't hurt it further. On a HAPPY note  I have some great new stuff!  Breakfast at Tiffany's by Fig Tree is here and I have some awesome new civil war reproduction fabrics from Wyndham come check them out.  The ENTIRE new French General Line is on the way and cant wait to see it in person. I hope to have that cut to take to Atlanta.  Well I hope this blog finds you well and a word of advice if you have a walnut tree in your yard watch out for those rounded ankle busters they can take ya out at any time!  

Mom and Dad... starting the setup process
The pig trailer turned into a Olive Grace Shop on Wheels!
All ready for customers....


Live Music and Dancing!
The best Home Made Cobbler...this is were the line starts!
Josh enjoying the Cobbler and more important his favorite ICE CREAM!

Mom...without her I don't know what I would do!

That is a lot of PUMPKINS!

P.S. here is a great blog that blogged about me at the fair CHECK IT OUT!!!!