Monday, May 30, 2011

Land of the Free because of the Brave

Mom and I got home last night from Italy late last night. We met ladies from all over the world and it was amazing. One of the best parts was how each one of were proud of where we came from and we each have a story. Americans in today's world we hold close to heart 911 each one of us remember where we were and what we were doing. We hold close to our heart the brave women and men who serve our country and make it safe each and everyday so we can live normally. Today is one of those days that I think about living in the DC area... one of my favorite days when I lived there was when Dad and I went to the national mall. I can still see my dad getting misty eyed when we were at the Lincoln memorial. He was watching a little girl jumping around on the steps and he looked at me and said someday the little girl will understand why I am crying. What I took from that was how proud he was to be an American but how he knew what we have lost we honor those memories in memorials and why standing on those steps is so moving. A week or so later I went to the WWII memorial and I just sat and people watched. That is my favorite memorial...anyway I found myself getting misty when I saw two young girls which I assumed were the granddaughters of a man they wheeled in a wheel chair into the memorial. He saw me pull a tissue out of my purse and we smiled at each other and he winked at me. He was a WWII veteran I don't remember which branch just knew he was wearing his hat proudly. I had that ah ha feeling dad had had weeks before! My grandma Olive (dad's mom) passed away when I was young but I remember her loving her country she always wore an American flag on each of her outfits. I feel like I am a proud American like grandma but coming HOME from another country you feel so happy to be an American. I just wanted to get that down so I would remember how I felt today. Happy Memorial Day Everyone...

P.S. I have lots of pictures and will blog sometime this week about Italy and the Sue Spargo workshop mom and I attended! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Salt Lake City was BEAUTIFUL

I was thinking on the way home from Salt Lake what a blessed young woman I am.  I have gotten to see so many parts of what we call home our great big country we call the United States of America.  Even sitting here typing this I just can't even express what it means to me. I think Salt Lake put the cherry on top of all this.  This city is one of a kind... serene, safe, welcoming, quite, happy, spiritual these are just some the words that come to mind.  I want to go back sooner that later next time though I will have more time to sight see.  I really wanted to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Thursday night their rehearsal is at the Temple downtown.  Mom and I missed it do to Sample Spree for those of you who don't know what that is it is a sneak peak of what we will see in the up coming days and purchase it at retail.  We had a great time and it was not as hectic as usual maybe mom and I are just getting used to it and have a groove down.  I found a lot of great new things and new pattern companies!  Oh and of course the upcoming fabric lines are amazing that I found.  One goes back to my architectural roots, one is a from a popular blogger named Aneela and well I got sucked in on Joel's new line!  I will post pictures tomorrow or the next day of all the pictures... my internet here at home is a little bit slow.  I can't wait to share with you the mountains of Salt Lake City!  I hope all is well...Kor

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

To all you lovely moms Happy Mothers Day!  I have to start out by saying its a BEAUTIFUL DAY!  We (as in dad, Drew, and the puppies even the puppies) got mom a digital camera and I set her up with her own blog...although I am having technical difficulties when she writes her first post I will make sure that I write all about it and give you a formal invite to follow her on her blog! I think she will be a great blogger and especially when I haven't blogged about my happening she can fill you in on whats going on. PLUS I am sure she will share recipes and such.   She is pretty excited I think I just feel bad the darn thing is giving us problems oh well I will figure it out!  I was more excited to give her the camera she hasn't had one since Drew and I were little.  Her and I have some up coming adventures in the next few weeks and my brother is going to be graduating in June for The Ohio State University! 
So I thought I would share with you a little story... so before I was around my dad bought my mom on their first valentines day a dozen roses well lets just say mom didn't really appreciate them the way she should have soooo dad has not bought her or picked her flowers since... well today how cute is that!  

Well I am off to finish the newsletter and get ready for our trip to Salt Lake City on Wednesday!  I will try to blog all about it while we are there!   

P.S. Like my friend said today "thanks all you Moms who brought us great friend into this world!" Debbie Chen

Monday, May 2, 2011

Virginia Wedding & Family Time

So over the weekend Josh and I headed down to Virginia... somewhat my old stomping grounds.  Josh was in a wedding and his twin live down there too.  It was a LONG drive there and home but we made it! For some reason if there was going to be bumper to bumper traffic we found it.   I thought I would share with you a project for Josh's nephews I made too.

I have wanted to get these pillow cases done since Christmas so Thursday I put my nose to the grind stone and whipped them up.  They are king size a perfect size for little people.  Dawson is 10 and Aiden will be 4 shortly! I used 1/2 meters of Japanese fabric from here at the shop!  So glad we got to visit with Josh's family along with going to a wedding.

There is nothing better than a wedding. I mean come on it really was a weekend of weddings.  Before we left for Virginia I was up before 6 to see Catherine get out of the car!  Wasn't she beautiful?  The dress was beautiful and I loved her small bouquet!  Our wedding we went to was just as beautiful it was set on an old horse farm turned into a B&B and wedding venue.  Was small and intimate and the food was amazing.  It was right up Josh and I's alley!  BBQ pulled pork, slaw, baked beans, tater salad you get the point!  Not traditional is what it's all about these days so Congrats to the new couple in lots of ways! The best part of the day was the weather it was absolutely beautiful!