Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I LOVE @home!

So the other day I got some interesting news from a very dear friend and inspiration... the funny thing is in the meantime I have been thinking about her a lot...

As some of you may know I went to Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia throughout the four years I was there I met amazing lifelong friends one of them is Liz Demos! She is a shop owner, blogger, stylist, mommy, wife, artist, designer, historian ok you get the point she is amazing! I was blessed to have gotten to be one of her shop girls and well some of my greatest memories is setting the alarm off, spending my paycheck at the shop, listening to the Beatles Yellow Submarine Album while dusting... let me tell ya that was the best dusting I ever did and didn't mind it at all oh and leaving the shop smelling like @home vintage general...
So the other day I received the new line of fabric... Amy Butler's LOVE from Rowan textiles. Well the thing is it brought back memories of working at Liz's shop and listening to the young men with the cool hair. I remember Liz saying that she knew I had worked because the British heart throbs were in the CD player when she got to work. Sorry Liz I am plugging some new product at the same time... ok you fabric fanatics Amy's new fabric is the shop and ready to get cut into a quilt, blouse, pillows really whatever you would like. I am thinking about recovering a chair for in my sewing room at home! The fabrics bold colors are really reminiscent of St. Pepper yet with a girlie feel.
Anyway the other day Liz emailed and has decided to close her shop. I instantly was sad but as I thought of my mentor I became very happy for her. Her 10 year adventure on Broughton Street is closing yet she is opening a new chapter and this one I truly believe is going to be bigger and better. I hope that my lil quilt shop here on the Corner Farm will be as successful as @home. Liz has inspired me and I know she will continue too. Our shops are a lil different but when I cut a yard fabric I remember cutting yards of hand dyed ribbon that Liz dyed with vintage teal rit dye! I encourage you all to check out Liz's sites ,,, and! My wish for my friend, fellow shop owner and inspiration is much success on her new endeavors... I don't even need to wish her luck because I know whatever she does will be amazing!!!!! Liz thanks for letting me be a part of your shop and life...

P.S. In these tough economic times remember your local shop owners they are the ones who keep our money and jobs in our communities. please visit:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Christmas Time

well its that time of year guys... cold toes and hot chocolate! I have been so busy lately that I haven't had the time to put my toes up but have enjoyed some liquid chocolate. Lets see since my last blog the store has been open for two months, had our holiday open house (which was a huge success) and I have been busy making samples and trying to come up with a newsletter and class schedule. I have a lot of great ideas and hope all my customers like what I come up with. The shop is a cute as ever all decorated for the holidays... I have had fun doing that!
there is a nice sample of what this lil shop looks like! Gerty has her red holiday party skirt on which turned out way better than i thought... Oh btw Gerty is the dress form! She was rescued off the streets of New York City last spring and I believe she loves her new home here on the farm much better. So now my friends it is time for me finish christmas shopping with mom this weekend and hopefully find the time to decorate my cute lil house and tree! Oh and make cookies... I truly hope that this blog finds you all well and i wish you all a magical merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. I really hope I can find more blogging time this new year!