Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Old and New

Easter was my grandma Sharon's favorite holiday.  So of course I hold this holiday even closer to my heart. I can't stop remembering her in that sweet little apron of hers, in her new outfit,  in her kitchen the last Easter we had her.  You know things just are not the same without her and as hard as it because things change I hold on to traditions that she made so dear.  Isn't it funny how when you love something so much all you want to do is hold on for dear life and never let go well I am so glad I have the memories of grandma Sharon.  When I was a little girl I (and we (my family)) spent some time at Rainbows children hospital and we spent Easter up there.  We colored eggs, we had grandma's homemade coffee cake, and ham out of a picnic basket.  That gloomy old hospital room was turned into a family haven.  I have to say that was one of the best Easters because between my grandmas' and mom they of course made it so special.  That's what the holidays are all about right? Family coming together, children giggling, magic, and smells of homemade traditions floating in the air....


Jacob clearly can't find the egg on that side of the table
Hunter and Grandma Janet
Libby Lou tired from chasing the kids around ...
As time goes by traditions change but change because well we get older and the next generation show us how to celebrate all over again... This year my three little cousins came to color eggs on Friday and Sunday morning we all came around the table to share in Easter brunch.  Here are some pictures... Jacob is my lil' kindergartner and well when I look at him I see Grandma Sharon.  His eyes sparkle like hers did... I hope that this blog finds you well and that you had a special Easter like my family did! Full of old and new memories and even new traditions! Kor

P.S. We used regular food coloring this year and the colors came out awesome instead of using the little packets! Tip for next year!

Friday, April 22, 2011

This one's for Dana!

Hi soooo yeah it's been awhile again... Shame on me I know!  I have been up to a lot!  I feel like the beginning of this year has been absolutely CRAZY and going WAY to fast.  Do you feel that way...
I have a lot to report in this blog!  I have been working rather hard the past few weekends to make them special for a few great events that I had scheduled... so i figured I would sit down with a cup of coffee and narrate it all out!

First on the list...we finished up Olive Grace's first block of the month!  I just had to let you see how beautiful it came out... this is Sally's quilt! She added a lot of beautiful embroidery stitches... just amazing!  This pattern was from one of my favorite designers Anni Downs.  She is from Australia and her pattern company is call Hatched and Patched!  I know you have read about her in prior blogs that I have written!  Can't wait to see her in Salt Lake City next month! Check her site out http://www.hatchedandpatched.com.au/

Second was our Spring Open House here on the farm the last weekend in March!  It was a great success as always.  If you live in the area we also have a holiday open house too it is usually Thanksgiving weekend!  I didn't take any pictures but I stole these from a friend! Mom opens up the house with local crafters and serves tea and cookies and of course the shop is open too.  This would not be possible without our talented creative friends!  Thanks Girls!

Three weekends ago I went up to Westlake, Ohio for an AMAZING quilt show.  I was invited to vend by the North Coast Needles Quilt Guild!  They are a great group of ladies and let me tell you there is a lot of them.  You know you have a really sweet boyfriend when he goes with you to help set up! So Friday after the shop closed Josh and I drove about an hour and half to the west side of Cleveland.  It was so nice to be greeted by a warm group of ladies.  After set up Josh and I stood back from the booth and he commented that I needed a rug!  LOL he has been hanging out with me way to long.   I have to tell you I was so busy on Saturday that I had a brownie and a bag of chip for lunch! Not only can these quilters quilt but boy can the bake... kudos to you girls!  By the end of Saturday my feet were barkin and this tired girl was saved by Mom and Judi.  Sunday was just as busy as Saturday and I have to mention Mary what a true friend and kindred spirit! She brought us an amazing lunch and let me tell ya good thing I had Mary on Sunday because Judi and mom dusted me after lunch... they found a Tuesday Morning store!  Hope you enjoy the pictures it was a lot of fun and I hope to be invited to another one of their lovey shows in the future.

Sooo Two weeks ago was International Quilt Festival!  What a great weekend... 28 ladies and a bus! I can't say enough how great the weekend was.  Grandma got to come with us and I really think that the Bus Trip was a SUCCESS! I do not think I would change a thing except take more pictures! Oh well good memories... The ladies who went with us want to go again and I am contemplating vending next year. That means Dad, the pig trailer and I for setup and Mom on the bus with the Road Tripers!  Have a few months to think about it!  :)

Then there was this past weekend...  Sue Spargo came and well I am just going to let the pictures speak for them selves.  Even though the rain rained on my parade and changed some plans around is was a great day.  As always Sue thanks for making the day so Perfect!  P.S. we had a lady come all the way from Buffalo and yesterday I had the nicest compliment Mary said it was like a day at the spa being at the workshop!!!!!

So this is the part of the blog when I promise to be better at blogging more consistently... so in closing I am going to write a list of upcoming events that I will need to blog about and promise to make the time! Miss Dana here is what to look forward too... ;)

VA Wedding
Mothers Day
Quilt Market

I think that will do for now...

P.S. I want to thank everyone who makes this little dream I had such a success... You are truly more than just customers I consider you friends!