Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zoe my BFF

My best friend lives in Austin, Texas!  She was my matron of honor I was her maid of honor.  As she says we are truly the odd couple I the country mouse and her the city mouse.  We met in college in studio 3 and spent many late nights trying not to cut our selves with Exacto knives!  We have a bond that I can honestly say if I had a sister she would be it!  Last February around her birthday she let me know that she was expecting her first little bambino!  Well of course that means a baby shower right?  Well that is right Zoe's friend Sabrina and I put on our thinking hats and used out design skills to come up with the perfect modern baby shower.  Zoe and her husband Kris nicknamed their little guy "chicken" so that is what we ran with... a baby shower with a chicken logo!  LOL this may sound cheesy but it turned out rather cool! The grey and curry theme with sage accents was just perfect and I think my friend was quite happy... here are some of the details! Enjoy!

Sabrina made the beautiful table runners and I made all the napkins and Zoe got to keep everything as a memento!  Sabrina and I were quite the team what one of us didn't think if the other did.  Everything was pretty much homemade!  Only the best for our Zoe.  As I type this Zoe is in labor so very soon I will get to know what Chicken's actual name will be.  I encourage you when you read this to think about a great friend and do something sweet for them.  I am sending so much love and thoughts to Texas for a safe and happy delivery for my best friend! 
Fondly, Kori