Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Rose of Sharon

So this week I thought I would share with you the first quilt pattern that designed for Olive Grace Studios! This one is special for a lot of reasons.  I have originally named in Posey Pinwheel but as a really started working on my pattern line and started working on how I wanted to inspire people it made sense to name my patterns after people I love and loved and places where I have been. I could not be happier to introduce you to...
OG Pattern #001: Rose of Sharon Quilt & Pillow
I originally designed this quilt for a local quilt shop hop for the shop but last spring I reworked the pattern and added hand embroidery and a pillow to the pattern.  The pattern includes the quilt in sizes baby to king.  The pillow features hand embroidered ladybugs that dance around the pillow perimeter and I did fancy crazy quilt stitches around the flower petals.  I added buttons and a vintage brooch to the center to add some whimsy.  The reason that I named this quilt Rose of Sharon is because I have Rose of Sharon bush growing behind the quilt shop but most importantly because Sharon was my grandma.  She was a huge influence in my life.  Grandma Sharon was very young when she had my mom.  Against all odds though she raised a family and she ran a very successful business with only a 10th grade education.  That is what I call the American dream if I can be half the business woman she was I will be honored. I try to make her proud each day and I truly know that she is smiling and cheering me on from up above.  The other reason that this quilt is so special two years ago when Josh and I got married for each person who was part of our wedding we gave quilts to that I had made.  The original version of the quilt was in red...

The people who got this red Rose of Sharon and the original was my mom and dad.  They are a huge part of my business and without them Olive Grace would not be possible.  I only thought it was fitting to give them the first quilt I made with the OG stamp.  The pillow I thought was a perfect addition to the pattern.  Plus I really wanted to add my touch and specialty to the pattern and that was hand embroidery.  

I hope that you enjoyed meeting Rose of Sharon! See you next week and you can meet Esmeralda... 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Running on E: Quilt Market Houston, TX

I sit here and have decided that for that last few months I have been fueled by adrenaline.  The adrenaline has disappeared and I think I may be a little tired.  So as I sit here and type I may nod off but don't worry I won't I have a hot cup of Joe in front of me!  :)

It's been almost a week that I have returned home from both Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston.  Some of you may be unfamiliar with my little business.  I have a quilt shop in a one room school house and in my 5th year of business.  In the last year I have been working really hard on my own pattern line!  Houston was my second quilt market and actually second quilt festival!  My first market was Pittsburgh and a few years ago I did Cincinnati Quilt Festival.  Houston though felt like a first all over again. The saying "Everything is bigger in Texas" it truly IS! I presented my new pattern line for market and for festival I brought product from the shop as well debuted OG patterns.

Here is my market booth... I am really really proud of it!  That is a lot of hand embroidery and love put into those projects.

Quilt Market Booth - 2014 Houston, TX

Here are a few of the projects.  I will be putting all the patterns in my on-line shop and over the next few weeks I plan on blogging about each project.  I name my projects after people that I love and places that I have been!  In the posts I will talk about my design process and what types of threads and fabric I used! From top to bottom:  Effie, Camden, Kori and Abbie and the Pillow is Spike and Curly!

Tomorrow I will be unloading my little van... yes when we got home last Thursday I repacked my van and did a nice little quilt guild show in Parma, Ohio over the weekend.  Today I have to admit I did not do much of anything. I went and got a much needed hair cut and thought I would show you all my quilt market booth that I am so proud of.   I want to thank my mom and Josh... without you two my life is not complete and you are my rocks and my cheerleaders.  I look at these pictures and i still can't believe that those quilts are mine.  I met so many great people and it amazes me how many great things happened while we were away.  I may be running on E... but I know deep down I am full of energy and ready to get to work for the next market.  If only there were more hours in the day.  Talk to you soon! 
Fondly, Kori