Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another Road Trip...

In my last post I talked about turing 32 and it has made me see things in a very different light lately.  Today is June 22nd... it has been a little less than a month since my last post and as usual I feel like it was only yesterday.  My latest adventure took me to Rhinebeck, New York for Country Living Fair. I have been doing these shows since I opened the shop in 2009!  They are very gratifying and pull out evey inch of inspiration and creativeness out of my body. I come home bruised but my heart is full but I come home well pooped.  Dad was in the drivers seat and mom as co-piolet.  Me in the back seat stitching or I think more just relaxing really.  The trip started out a little rough... well my laptop got ran over by the pig trailer.   Yes, not sure how that happened.  Long story short dad felt bad and it is fixed and we are all safe!  The only bummer is that I had all my pattern designs that I have been working on and I am a bit behind.  Although thank goodness the hardrive was fine and I have all my files!  So this coming week my nose will be to the grind stone finishing up pattern writing!  It was nice seeing mom and dad relax and realize that they did not have to rush back, worry about writing a schedule and wow they were free.  Anyway you want to see how the booth came out?  I don't know what it is about that space in Rhinebeck but the booth always comes out spectacular!  

I did get out of the booth a few times!  I found some great little gifts for some sweet friends too.  Mom and dad found a treasure for them selves as well!  Each of the Country Living Fairs have their own feel.  Rhinebeck makes me think of my 4-H days!  

I want to give my friend Kelly McCants of Modern June a shout out!  She made ALL the cool pendants that are hanging out of oil cloth!  She has a new book out and check out her website she has some great stuff!

Rhinebeck is great but my true love is the Ohio Country Living Fair!  To all my Ohio peeps you should come check it out it is September 12, 13, and 14 at the Ohio Historical Village!  Email or pick up Country Living Magazine for more information!

My love bought tickets to the Indians game today so he and I will be leaving shortly for that!  The Ohio skies are cloudy but at least it will not be so HOT!  I hope you have a great Sunday as I know I will!  I will have a cold one and a hot dog for you!