Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bride under Pressure!

Soooo in the last blog I mentioned that I got ENGAGED! I can't believe it but I am going to finally be a bride-to-be!   I really always thought that I would be a bridesmaid never a bride... but falling in love with Josh changed that I guess.  I don't know who giggles more about being a fiance me or him.  So the short proposal story is that he took me to the beach glass festival in Ashtubula Harbor, Ohio and then we went and had dinner at Ferrantes winery for a late birthday celebration.  The next thing I know he is opening the car door for me... I was like umm what's going on.  Then handing me my birthday gift that came in a necklace box and i was a little miffed cause it was heavy and I wanted to blurt out Josh why would you get me a necklace with a charm when I already had a charm all I needed was a chain.  Well he showed me I pulled that pretty silver chain out of the box and on the end was a little chandelier... and then "marry me"!  How about that for a proposal...

So since then I have had bride brain... trying to figure out a date and where to have it and all those little things that come along with a wedding! Although in the back of my mind I have a shop to run and COUNTRY LIVING FAIR!  OH and that is only 70 days away. You know though my angels and thank god for mom we found a venue and the photographer just yesterday.  Some of the pressure is off  I do have to call the pastor because we are saying our vowes in my parent front garden!  I have wanted to get married in the front yard since I was a little girl and guess that dream is coming true. Thanks mom and dad ... and Josh!

Well today has been a pretty COOL day... Country Living featured me as vendor of the day on facebook!  If you are a facebooker go over and LIKE Country Living Magazine and Olive Grace Studios!  So tomorrow will be 69 days till the fair and I have ALOT to do!  I may have to teach my future husband to either embroider or stuff my Ohio pillows this year. Either was I guess is all good pressure!

P.S. we are getting married next fall 2012!