Saturday, December 9, 2017


Hello sweet old and new friends,
Been a minute since I have blogged, Wow time flies when you are busy. I’m so honored to be a part of this blog tour, for the very sweet and talented Sharon Holland's, new book Utility-Style Quilts for Everyday Living (Landauer 2017).  I have a feeling that I may need to introduce myself, I will be quick, I’m Kori and I’m a pattern designer and quilt shop owner here in northeast Ohio in the rural town of Fowler. My eccentric little studio is in a one-room schoolhouse that sits in between a cornfield and the gingerbread house where I grew up! My passion is design and curating unique products to make awesome quilts and sewn goods! Well, enough about me because I am really excited to show you what I have made out of Sharon’s awesome book Utility Style!

Oh wait, let me back up one second. Sharon and I met at Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio while she was assistant editor of Sew-it and Quilt-it. I had a booth there and she came and asked me to submit something to the magazine. At that point though I didn’t think I was worthy of something like that but I guess Sharon saw something in me at the time that I didn’t in myself. Fast forward a couple of years and with some new courage and cheerleading from my loved ones, I was on my way to my first market to sell my patterns to quilt shops and hopefully make some great connections. One of my hopes was so to see Sharon and I thought to myself, if I see that sweet lady, I’m going to give her a submission to the magazine. Well I was surprised to find out that Sharon was at market on her own and finding her way to making her big start. (What’s weird is she just blogged about all this just the other day) I believe though our stars collided again and since that spring market Sharon and I have kept in touch. Funny thing is this October we ran into each other at the bus stop in Houston and she asked me to be part of this tour!!! So here we are...

{I planned on doing a big stitch to quilt with the Sue Spargo Dala thread but I think I will have mom add that later!}

this beautiful picture is Sharon's... 

I have chosen Viewpoint, the super fun modern table runner on page 31! Instead of the solid contemporary look she did with her runner, I did what she suggests in the introductions by using a large floral “to demand attention”.  The perks of having a retail store are keeping the ends of bolts and I just happened to have Sharon’s first line from Art Gallery Fabric “Gossamer”. As you can see I used many of her fabrics from this line and then added a few other goodies to make this table runner. My color version is very cottage and feminine. Speaking of color one of my favorite sections of Sharon’s book is her awesome explanation of the color theory on page 10. I felt like I was in color theory class all over again in college, plus I can here Sharon’s voice while I read it. For beginner quilters out there and for new sewists who feel intimidated by picking fabric and playing with color I highly recommend this book just for this reason on its own. I am super impressed! 

Viewpoint cuts out quick and goes together with ease, I tell you that if you need a gift for someone special this is a great project. I was planning on giving it as a Christmas gift but have decided that I’m keeping it for myself!

Anyway, this table runner could be cut in the morning, pieced in the afternoon and the next day quilted! I am a visual pattern maker so Sharon’s diagrams were great and her directions are awesome to follow!!! Like the book’s runner, I did simple line quilting.  Machine quilting on my Bernina is not my favorite because I’m a perfectionist and somehow it doesn’t always come out exactly how I want. However I’m thinking that I may pass this off to my mom in the near future and have her put some big stitches in to add a little extra texture and pizazz! Have you tired the utility quilt stitch yet?  If not look on page 33 again Sharon had great instructions. Side Note: Im lucky to have a mom who does an amazing big stitch and she has found that adding the big stitch after do the quilting is awesome because your project essentially is already basted.  My biggest challenge was making sure that my binding didn’t slip so my half square triangle border would look great and the points would be perfect just like Sharon’s!

I want you to go visit two websites:
The first is Sharon’s blog and website.  Get ready to be inspired…

The second is Sharon’s Publisher if you want to buy yourself this great book! 

I will be ordering Sharon’s book for my shop so if you local in the coming weeks pop on by to see Viewpoint and check out this awesome new book!  I hope to make a big announcment about Sharon coming to the shop this summer.  Sharon and I have some logistics to work out so please stay tuned. 

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Congrats Sharon on such a beautiful book and thank you for asking me to be part of the blog tour.  What an awesome heirloom to pass onto to your loved ones. When they read it they will hear your voice and flip threw the pages see your amazing talent!  
Until next Time friends...always be Creative!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Right before Thanksgiving my friend Sue Spargo {} asked me to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop! I was quite honored because the other two designers that she asked were Jen Kingwell and Valorie Wells.  No pressure or anything I told myself!  All kidding aside over the years Sue has become a great friend but also a mentor.  I have had the opportunity to take her classes as well as she has taught her amazing designs here at the shop!  You will not meet a more humble woman she is an incredible designer, patient teacher and amazing mother.  I could go on and on.  I encourage you to take one of her classes if you can't find one near you, you are in luck you can take a Crafty Class {}!  Here is one of the classes she is offering...amazing right?

Most of you know me as a quilt shop owner but before that I was actually an interior designer.  When I started my business my goal was to eventually to design quilt and sewing patterns.  Even though I am not designing the inside of walls anymore I have felt the pulling to design.  In the past year I have been working towards that goal of getting back to designer.  The biggest challenge was deciding what Im really good at and what makes my patterns different from other patterns that are on the market. I had to focus. So I sat down and really thought about it.  Im really good at the the back stitch! I love to back stitch and my mom really encouraged me to add that to all of my designs.  Then I started playing with the wool thread that I bought from Sue and knew I had to use it in my own patterns!  The Genziana wool thread is amazing to do hand embroidery with.  I also use Cosmo embroidery floss and like stitching on patterned cotton.  Here is some up close progress work from two of my patterns that I debuted at quilt market in Houston!

The wool thread gives yours stitches a fuzzy feel and when stitching the thread glides great through the fabric.  A lot of people have a hard time believing that it is easy to work with but you just have to use shorter thread lengths!  As well as hand embroidery I love working with cotton and linen fabrics.  A lot of people ask me what my style is and I like to say I am somewhere between traditional and modern with a hint of vintage and whimsy. 

This leads me into what really inspires my designs and that is truly the places that I have been and the people who I love and have lost. The turquoise and white quilt is called "Kori and Abbie" and the Pillow is called " Spike and Curly".  The small wall quilt is called Camden.  When I set out on this designing adventure I knew right away that I would name the patterns after my inspiration.  I have found that what ever is going on in my life I tend to sketch and design that.  I have been working on blogging about each of my projects so in the next couple week pop on back to see why I named the above projects the way I did!  I will say that Abbie is my very close friend and I just found out I get to be her maid of honor in April and Camden is where Josh and I went on our honeymoon!  I tend to be a little up tight and thinking about the people that I love helps calm me and makes me appreciate each and every moment of life.  So why not use it as inspiration.  Here is a few images of what I have swirling in my brain right now... 

I have love for the sea and have been dreaming up a block of the month for a while.  I think you get the idea of what the theme may be.  I hope to debut it in Minnapolis at quilt market this spring.   I have it all sketched out just need to start stitching!

Now it's time to introduce you to a very talented lady named Kelly McCants but you may know her  also as Modern June!  Kelly is a kindred spirit, designer as well as a fellow vendor at the County Living Fairs shows that we do a few times a year together.  Her creative outlet is specializing in handmade housewares, selling unique fabric with a real love for Oil Cloth and writing lifestyle and sewing books! Thank goodness Kelly lives in Richmond, VA because we probably would get into a lot of trouble together! Monday December 15th she will be taking the turn on the Around the World Blog Hop!  Can't wait to see who she tags next!  Check out her blog:

I hope that you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.  Leave me a question below if you want to know more! Don't forget to check out Sue and Kelly's blogs.  Thank you Sue for asking me to be part of this awesome blog hop your confidence in me means so much... 
Until next time, Kori 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Rose of Sharon

So this week I thought I would share with you the first quilt pattern that designed for Olive Grace Studios! This one is special for a lot of reasons.  I have originally named in Posey Pinwheel but as a really started working on my pattern line and started working on how I wanted to inspire people it made sense to name my patterns after people I love and loved and places where I have been. I could not be happier to introduce you to...
OG Pattern #001: Rose of Sharon Quilt & Pillow
I originally designed this quilt for a local quilt shop hop for the shop but last spring I reworked the pattern and added hand embroidery and a pillow to the pattern.  The pattern includes the quilt in sizes baby to king.  The pillow features hand embroidered ladybugs that dance around the pillow perimeter and I did fancy crazy quilt stitches around the flower petals.  I added buttons and a vintage brooch to the center to add some whimsy.  The reason that I named this quilt Rose of Sharon is because I have Rose of Sharon bush growing behind the quilt shop but most importantly because Sharon was my grandma.  She was a huge influence in my life.  Grandma Sharon was very young when she had my mom.  Against all odds though she raised a family and she ran a very successful business with only a 10th grade education.  That is what I call the American dream if I can be half the business woman she was I will be honored. I try to make her proud each day and I truly know that she is smiling and cheering me on from up above.  The other reason that this quilt is so special two years ago when Josh and I got married for each person who was part of our wedding we gave quilts to that I had made.  The original version of the quilt was in red...

The people who got this red Rose of Sharon and the original was my mom and dad.  They are a huge part of my business and without them Olive Grace would not be possible.  I only thought it was fitting to give them the first quilt I made with the OG stamp.  The pillow I thought was a perfect addition to the pattern.  Plus I really wanted to add my touch and specialty to the pattern and that was hand embroidery.  

I hope that you enjoyed meeting Rose of Sharon! See you next week and you can meet Esmeralda... 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Running on E: Quilt Market Houston, TX

I sit here and have decided that for that last few months I have been fueled by adrenaline.  The adrenaline has disappeared and I think I may be a little tired.  So as I sit here and type I may nod off but don't worry I won't I have a hot cup of Joe in front of me!  :)

It's been almost a week that I have returned home from both Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston.  Some of you may be unfamiliar with my little business.  I have a quilt shop in a one room school house and in my 5th year of business.  In the last year I have been working really hard on my own pattern line!  Houston was my second quilt market and actually second quilt festival!  My first market was Pittsburgh and a few years ago I did Cincinnati Quilt Festival.  Houston though felt like a first all over again. The saying "Everything is bigger in Texas" it truly IS! I presented my new pattern line for market and for festival I brought product from the shop as well debuted OG patterns.

Here is my market booth... I am really really proud of it!  That is a lot of hand embroidery and love put into those projects.

Quilt Market Booth - 2014 Houston, TX

Here are a few of the projects.  I will be putting all the patterns in my on-line shop and over the next few weeks I plan on blogging about each project.  I name my projects after people that I love and places that I have been!  In the posts I will talk about my design process and what types of threads and fabric I used! From top to bottom:  Effie, Camden, Kori and Abbie and the Pillow is Spike and Curly!

Tomorrow I will be unloading my little van... yes when we got home last Thursday I repacked my van and did a nice little quilt guild show in Parma, Ohio over the weekend.  Today I have to admit I did not do much of anything. I went and got a much needed hair cut and thought I would show you all my quilt market booth that I am so proud of.   I want to thank my mom and Josh... without you two my life is not complete and you are my rocks and my cheerleaders.  I look at these pictures and i still can't believe that those quilts are mine.  I met so many great people and it amazes me how many great things happened while we were away.  I may be running on E... but I know deep down I am full of energy and ready to get to work for the next market.  If only there were more hours in the day.  Talk to you soon! 
Fondly, Kori 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another Road Trip...

In my last post I talked about turing 32 and it has made me see things in a very different light lately.  Today is June 22nd... it has been a little less than a month since my last post and as usual I feel like it was only yesterday.  My latest adventure took me to Rhinebeck, New York for Country Living Fair. I have been doing these shows since I opened the shop in 2009!  They are very gratifying and pull out evey inch of inspiration and creativeness out of my body. I come home bruised but my heart is full but I come home well pooped.  Dad was in the drivers seat and mom as co-piolet.  Me in the back seat stitching or I think more just relaxing really.  The trip started out a little rough... well my laptop got ran over by the pig trailer.   Yes, not sure how that happened.  Long story short dad felt bad and it is fixed and we are all safe!  The only bummer is that I had all my pattern designs that I have been working on and I am a bit behind.  Although thank goodness the hardrive was fine and I have all my files!  So this coming week my nose will be to the grind stone finishing up pattern writing!  It was nice seeing mom and dad relax and realize that they did not have to rush back, worry about writing a schedule and wow they were free.  Anyway you want to see how the booth came out?  I don't know what it is about that space in Rhinebeck but the booth always comes out spectacular!  

I did get out of the booth a few times!  I found some great little gifts for some sweet friends too.  Mom and dad found a treasure for them selves as well!  Each of the Country Living Fairs have their own feel.  Rhinebeck makes me think of my 4-H days!  

I want to give my friend Kelly McCants of Modern June a shout out!  She made ALL the cool pendants that are hanging out of oil cloth!  She has a new book out and check out her website she has some great stuff!

Rhinebeck is great but my true love is the Ohio Country Living Fair!  To all my Ohio peeps you should come check it out it is September 12, 13, and 14 at the Ohio Historical Village!  Email or pick up Country Living Magazine for more information!

My love bought tickets to the Indians game today so he and I will be leaving shortly for that!  The Ohio skies are cloudy but at least it will not be so HOT!  I hope you have a great Sunday as I know I will!  I will have a cold one and a hot dog for you!  

Monday, May 26, 2014


I turned 32 today.
Do I feel different?  I do.
Do I feel older? Yes

I have been doing a lot of self reflection lately.  Probably to much worrying, to much thinking, to many "should I have done something else".  The other things twirling in my mind is the future if only I knew what it would hold.  I guess that is normal right?  The other biggie for me is the older we get we see the people who we look up to get older. I am sure you know where I am going with that one...
Forgive me for jumping around.
This is for sure a bitter sweet birthday.  I am a great-granddaughter, a granddaughter and a daughter of three generations of entrepreneurs.  I guess being one my self was in my blood.  I could not escape it.  I played "grocery store" more than I played school growing up.  I stood on a milk crate and Grandma Sharon let me ring customers out at the Super Duper.  Grandpa Tom so tall looking over the deli case at you while I would order my favorite hard salami. I see my little brother whizzing down the aisles with the little buggies and him and I wanting to play super market sweep.   Then it was their turn... my two heroes. I have watched them for a decade take the grocery store and put their own spin on it.  A spin that was all their own.  Mom's secret family recipes to Dad taking on the sausage making tradition.
They were independent grocery store owners.  A dying small business.  They all lived the American dream.  I am proud of who my family is and who we have become.  They have taught me with hard work anything can be achieved.
My Facebook post....
Cathy & Kevin
Williams IGA

I am who I am today because of three generations of entrepreneurs. This has been one of the hardest things to see my family go through. Bitter sweet that is for sure.... I am so proud of you Mom (Cathy Williams Turner) & Dad (Kevin Turner) as you have told me to follow my heart and hold my head high with everything I do it is now your turn... with all my love...
Written with Home Town Pride by my MOM:

We are writing this letter to inform our LOYAL customers that after decades of service to Vienna, it is with mixed emotions, that Sunday June 1st, 2014, will be Williams IGA's last day of business. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that our sentiments are heartfelt. We have shared many chapters of life with all of you over the years. From births to deaths. This chapter is now closing but a new one is beginning...Retirement. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for your support over the years. We will miss you!

The shelves are emptier and our hearts are sad but I know that it for the best.  I look forward to see what the next year will bring.  I will say this I will be getting the best business manger... 

Monday, May 19, 2014

A New Adventure...

I am writing this blog with a full heart this morning.  Life is an amazing adventure and the last few months have been just that.  I have been working really hard to make one of my dreams and a huge goal come true.  That was designing patterns and hand embroidery projects under the Olive Grace Studio name. Well, I proved to myself just that.  I DID IT! I took the leap of faith and vended in Pittsburgh, PA at International Quilt Market.  I still cannot believe it!  I kept this to myself not many people knew that I was taking this huge step.  Believe me it is huge.  I had to prove to myself that I could do it before I announced it I guess. My family and close friends have been cheering my on along the way and without them I could have never done it.  Below you will see some of the pictures that I captured.  Like, mom having to sit in the back seat while we set off to go to the convention center because we had so much stuff as you can see by the luggage cart.   Josh was a patient trooper from being the heavy lifting guy to being in charge of the booth while I did some buying for the quilt shop.  I met new friends, I made industry contacts and I plan on working harder for Fall Quilt Market in Houston!  Now to ship out the patterns that I sold and start working hard again  on design and sewing more projects... until next time... I know sooner that later right! I guess I need to change the header on this blog too!  Im not just a quilt shop owner I am a designer... always have been just never thought I would say that again...