Saturday, September 24, 2011

Country Living Fair 2011 Columbus Ohio PART 2

Hello Again!  Well today is part to of the Columbus Country Living Fair... It was as always absolutely great. I am still tired from last weekend.  Seems hard to believe that it was a week ago.  I wish I had more time to walk around and take pictures but at least I got a few!  The booth was always busy... without mom and dad I don't know what I would do!  My friend Judi came and helped and thank goodness and I can't forget about Josh!  He came on Friday to help out and we enjoyed BBQ for lunch.  All in all it was a great!  If you have never been to CLF you should really try to get to one they are pretty great.  I am excited I just got the fabric Little Apples from Aneela Hoey in and I plan on getting a quilt done for Atlanta along with some other fun stuff!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I promise to get a couple more blogs out before we depart for Atlanta.  I need to get products up on my new shopping site and somehow make time for a news letter!  We will see what happens... one thing at a time right!?

Josh Made this AWESOME Ribbon Rack!

Just need an "H"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Country Living Fair 2011 Columbus Ohio PART 1

So I was going through my pictures and decided to make this a two part blog!  The first group of pictures shows how crazy I have been and then the second part will show it all put together. I feel like I am a NASCAR driver put never get to stop... and if it was up to mom we wouldn't be sleeping now in the preparation to get ready for Atlanta... only about a month away... CRAZY!

Here are some of the pictures I took pre-show and the booth before it was pretty!  I had this thing about writing on my hand! These two quilt got finished and were very popular in the booth wait till you see them hanging up! 

It was such a whirlwind leading up to we got 2 quilts made and a slew of other things!  I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of what I did.  Then tomorrow I will reveal the booth and talk about what went down and what i am up to now!  Hope all is well... Kor

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pre CLF and a funny night!

So I haven't blogged in forever... I just slapped my hand!  I thought I would just let you know what was going on here!  I should be getting dressed the shop opens in about 15 minutes but this sounds more fun.  Anyway,  I am feeling like a chicken with my head cut off!  We leave for COLUMBUS for COUNTRY LIVING FAIR on WEDNESDAY!  I am so excited I have a bigger booth this year I will be in the same area so if your coming come see me.  Mom has a quilt top started I have a quilt top started and I need to get organized in the shop!  I have A LOT of new fabric to share with you guys and I will be selling my FIRST pattern at the show.  My real reason to blog is I have a funny story...

I have decided that my life is a litte nutty sometimes and without the nuttiness I don't think that it would be as much fun. So last night Josh picked me up for a dinner break we went to about 3 restaurants before choosing O'Charleys!  Well about half way through dinner Josh asks me if I would mind hitting the golf course before he took me home.  Just to let you all know Josh my fiance is a golf course superintendent! So back to the story: I figured that when we got there he had to do irrigation... well the next thing I know we are on the golf cart and have a large flashlight.  We were looking for those little rascally raccoons!  We didn't find any last night thank goodness, but it was fun.  The golf course is as beautiful at night as it is in the day!  Oh this story gets better.  So I stayed at my folks last night and I came home and started working again! At about midnight Dad says come help... so to the barn we go... to my surprise its breeding season here on the farm!  Well I helped dad maneuver the bore around to make the girls in the big barn happy!  The men in my life are very intriguing huh?  People used to ask me why would you move home and have this little shop you have been and lived in so many cool places.  Well last night are the kind of memories I will never forget.  It's nice to have dimension in our lives without it would be boring and plus being a farm girl is my roots and keeps me humble.  I am glad I moved back I get to see mom and dad everyday who are my two best friends in life and I happened to run into the man I am going to marry!  Makes for a good story...