Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family Vacation @ Lake Erie

I have decided that I have a great sense of figuring out when the hottest week of the summer is going to be and planning my vacation on that very week. Last year 105 degrees in Missouri this year 95 degrees Lake Erie. You know it’s hot when Lake Erie looks like a giacantic pond…

As always my family and I wait to the last minute to find somewhere to stay. We had decided that the best and most convenient place to go was up Lake Erie because it is only about an hour drive from home and we could take the dogs. So of course yours truly gets to be the travel agent and find somewhere to stay. I have to say I did an amazing job finding a little cottage with an amazing lake view but I didn’t realize that there was no air conditioning! So just a note about the Turner family we would all rather be cold than hot. The only Turner who had a really hard time was Libby Lou our English bulldog. Thank goodness for frozen towels and oscillating fans! We always knew where Libby was because of her breathing. The poor thing panted so hard she was horse one night. I told mom and dad that I think that we all felt like breathing like her but knew that it wasn’t appropriate to drool and hang your tongue out of our mouths. She made it through like the rest of us and enjoyed the couple of evenings that it cooled off.

Mom of course cooked and she even decided to bake… yes bake! It was an amazing Blueberry/ Blackberry pie but lets just say the typical indoor temp of the 1920’s cottage was 85 degrees and mom I think got it up to a nice 105! You know though that is how memories are made.

You can’t go to the lake without looking for beach glass and I think this was the biggest hit of the vacation. So the first few days we were there the lake was so calm so finding the sanded glass was hard but by the middle of the week we were finding it very regularly. Of course our guests that came up one night for dinner found the best pieces Drew’s friend Aspen found RED and Josh (my boyfriend) was picking up really big pieces. Mom was a little envious of their loot put by the end of the week she snagged a nice amber find. Dad is not a beach kind of guy he’s a pig farmer but you knew it was hot when he would suggest going to the beach to put our toes in the water. I think that was the first time in about 5 years that the four of us were all together. Mom and dad used to take Drew and I up there for vacation when we were little it is amazing how time flies. There is nothing like a good old family vacation…

I can’t believe that is was a week ago already I am finally getting out of vacation mode. This week I have spent rearranging the shop hopefully next week I can start concentrating on Country Living Fair projects. Got new fabric in too along with some new patterns… more blogs to come I will keep you updated!

P.S. Hope you enjoy some pictures I took along the way I am super excited how the turned out so artsy... its the camera not the user!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Fabric here in the shop!!!!

I know you are shocked I blogged again ;)! I took some pictures last week of some of the new fabric that has come in and thought I would share with you. If you get my newsletter I mentioned them not being here yet and the day I emailed and mailed them out I think they all came in...

These cute fabrics are Alexander Henry fabrics... I was so excited at market that they were still printing the watercolor flower print. I thought they had been discontinued! So if you are in the search for some IT'S HERE!!! It was a huge hit last year in Columbus at Country Living Fair. The coordinating print is so sweet... the little animals have names and there is a fox named Gustavo that you can't see in the picture.

As always Moda has put out some great new holiday fabric... yes this is holiday fabric. I have a hard time thinking about winter when its so hot out side. Anyway, French General's Noel and 3 Sisters Park Avenue grabbed me because it does not scream HOLIDAY at you. The two lines have a couple little Christmas motifs but could be used with stash and non-holiday material. Along with regular cottons I have some textured woven pieces that would be great for stockings' or tree skirts. I just want you to note that if you loved the two prior French General lines this new fabric will coordinate really well! Alot of the quilting magazines have great ad's for these two lines check them out.

Last but not least is a line called Gerta...

The line is too cool... Mom and I stumbled across it at market in the Country Threads booth. They have a pattern called SPOT that uses Gerta with the combination of homespun and primitive fabrics! I loved how this very traditional pattern company/ quilt shop stepped out of the box and added some spunk. Side note if you considering coming to Columbus Country Living Fair they will be there! I can 't wait to get Spot made plus other fun projects with this line that I call a fun solid. For all you Sue Spargo fans I think that this line would work in a lot of her projects. This line was designed by a native Ohioan Marica Derse which I think is even cooler! Check out Marica's website at!
It's funny because I have customers come in and say well where is all the new fabric from market and sadly I have to say it won't be here till September and October... it's such a tease I know. The fabric business is a lot like fashion when it's spring we are looking at fall fabric when its fall we look at spring and by the time it gets here I always forget what I got! Although it feels like my childhood on Christmas morning. I really hope that you come see the new fabric... if you can't get here and want some let me know I can always ship ya some! Until next time... happy stitching! Kori
P.S. My next blog will hopefully be sent from Lake Erie. Mom, dad and I are getting away for a few days and Drew will be joining us for some family time. So the shop will be closed Tuesday July 2oth through Saturday July 25th and I will be back in the shop on Tuesday July 27th!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This one is for you Mom...

So today is July 3, 2010 and tomorrow is our country’s birthday and quite honestly I feel like yesterday was Christmas. It has been about six months since I last blogged and I know way to long but hey I have been busy with my little shop. I think mom since then has asked me at least once a week if I have blogged. So the next time she asks I can actually say yep, yep I did…

The shop is doing great! Late winter and spring were a lot of fun. Our spring show and pig sale was a success. Although dad wishes he would have sold more piggies but in the end it was a beautiful weekend and that is all that matters! We started classes by kicking them off with a visit from Sue Spargo and 12 ladies from all over northeastern Ohio! Next April 16th 2011 Sue will be teaching another one of her awesome projects so stay tuned to the website for more information! If you have never worked with wool and have always wanted to try you should really consider taking one of her classes you will end up being addicted! Also for those of you who don’t know she has a couple new books out (which are here at the shop) and I am carrying the wool thread that she uses in her projects! Classes have been fun and meeting new people has been great. I am working really hard to keep addresses and emails updated so you all get information about the happenings around the shop! If you haven’t gotten any info lately send me an email or call the shop and I will make sure I get you updated in my computer! Also check your junk email because I have a feeling some of your emails are getting put there.

Mom as always is a huge help here at the shop… I think she is my unofficial part time employee that doesn’t get paid! Without her the end of April and the month of May would have been a disaster. The shop was invited to Fabric Patcher’s Quilt Guild Vendor’s Day Out (from Lordstown) and the Ohio Star Quilt Guild (from Warren) annual Quilter’s Day Out. Then the Sew and Sew’s who meet out in Boardman asked me to come do a stitchery demo for them. They didn’t really need a demo those are some savy sewer’s let metell you… it was so nice to sit and stitch with them! The three events were all a great time! I have enjoyed getting to know a lot of them. I knew when I started this adventure I would meet great people but I did not realize that I would form amazing friendship’s! I am truly a lucky girl. I think back to college and let me tell you those where the best four years of my life. I never thought that I would ever be as happy as that but I can honestly say I am again. Life is funny like that I guess…

So now it is summer mid summer actually! Mom’s garden is in full bloom and the corn is comin up in the pasture. In about a month college football will start, (GO BUCKS!!!) Dad and I will be loading up the pig trailer with the shop in September and October for Country Living Fair and in the meantime I have fat quarters to cut and a million and one things to do get ready for that. I know I promised to keep up with my blog but see I really am busy! I know that is the watered down version of six months but I guess it’s better than nothing! Until next time enjoy the sunshine and Happy Forth of July! Kori

P.S. Information on County Living Fairs is up on the website if you love the magazine try to get to one… as cheesy as it sounds the pages really do come to life!