Monday, December 8, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Right before Thanksgiving my friend Sue Spargo {} asked me to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop! I was quite honored because the other two designers that she asked were Jen Kingwell and Valorie Wells.  No pressure or anything I told myself!  All kidding aside over the years Sue has become a great friend but also a mentor.  I have had the opportunity to take her classes as well as she has taught her amazing designs here at the shop!  You will not meet a more humble woman she is an incredible designer, patient teacher and amazing mother.  I could go on and on.  I encourage you to take one of her classes if you can't find one near you, you are in luck you can take a Crafty Class {}!  Here is one of the classes she is offering...amazing right?

Most of you know me as a quilt shop owner but before that I was actually an interior designer.  When I started my business my goal was to eventually to design quilt and sewing patterns.  Even though I am not designing the inside of walls anymore I have felt the pulling to design.  In the past year I have been working towards that goal of getting back to designer.  The biggest challenge was deciding what Im really good at and what makes my patterns different from other patterns that are on the market. I had to focus. So I sat down and really thought about it.  Im really good at the the back stitch! I love to back stitch and my mom really encouraged me to add that to all of my designs.  Then I started playing with the wool thread that I bought from Sue and knew I had to use it in my own patterns!  The Genziana wool thread is amazing to do hand embroidery with.  I also use Cosmo embroidery floss and like stitching on patterned cotton.  Here is some up close progress work from two of my patterns that I debuted at quilt market in Houston!

The wool thread gives yours stitches a fuzzy feel and when stitching the thread glides great through the fabric.  A lot of people have a hard time believing that it is easy to work with but you just have to use shorter thread lengths!  As well as hand embroidery I love working with cotton and linen fabrics.  A lot of people ask me what my style is and I like to say I am somewhere between traditional and modern with a hint of vintage and whimsy. 

This leads me into what really inspires my designs and that is truly the places that I have been and the people who I love and have lost. The turquoise and white quilt is called "Kori and Abbie" and the Pillow is called " Spike and Curly".  The small wall quilt is called Camden.  When I set out on this designing adventure I knew right away that I would name the patterns after my inspiration.  I have found that what ever is going on in my life I tend to sketch and design that.  I have been working on blogging about each of my projects so in the next couple week pop on back to see why I named the above projects the way I did!  I will say that Abbie is my very close friend and I just found out I get to be her maid of honor in April and Camden is where Josh and I went on our honeymoon!  I tend to be a little up tight and thinking about the people that I love helps calm me and makes me appreciate each and every moment of life.  So why not use it as inspiration.  Here is a few images of what I have swirling in my brain right now... 

I have love for the sea and have been dreaming up a block of the month for a while.  I think you get the idea of what the theme may be.  I hope to debut it in Minnapolis at quilt market this spring.   I have it all sketched out just need to start stitching!

Now it's time to introduce you to a very talented lady named Kelly McCants but you may know her  also as Modern June!  Kelly is a kindred spirit, designer as well as a fellow vendor at the County Living Fairs shows that we do a few times a year together.  Her creative outlet is specializing in handmade housewares, selling unique fabric with a real love for Oil Cloth and writing lifestyle and sewing books! Thank goodness Kelly lives in Richmond, VA because we probably would get into a lot of trouble together! Monday December 15th she will be taking the turn on the Around the World Blog Hop!  Can't wait to see who she tags next!  Check out her blog:

I hope that you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.  Leave me a question below if you want to know more! Don't forget to check out Sue and Kelly's blogs.  Thank you Sue for asking me to be part of this awesome blog hop your confidence in me means so much... 
Until next time, Kori