Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I decided to start typing my to-do list today and well I stopped. It was getting long and bringing ideas and other to-do’s up that I had not thought of. This is how I work …one thing at a time and once that is done I like to take a big fat red pen and cross it off the list. Although, I would say lately I have been jumping around a lot. I am not to sure why… I think it is the mix of emotions that I am having. Opening a retail space is quite an adventure…oh I think I may need to explain myself.

So obviously I have not blogged in a very long time. I decided and with the help of my two favorite cheerleaders (mom & dad) that I am going to open a quilt and gift shop! Actually it was dad who said “Kori just go for it” sooooo Mom and I looked at each other and was like oh it’s on! YES VERY EXCITING!!!! A dream that is actually coming true and well…it is hard to believe. I have a great space with practically no over head! The SCHOOLHOUSE
…it sits on my family’s property. The little red building will be the permanent home of Olive Grace Studios, LLC (an eccentric quilt shop). I have a bit of construction to do on the interior from trim work, new lighting, and mill works to be designed and built. The perfect little square approximately 400 sq.ft. has the ideal character for my unconventional little shop. Everybody keeps asking me when it’s opening? What are you doing in the meantime? Why can’t you open now? Well PEOPLE there is a lot of prep work from going to markets to buy product, finishing touches on business details, most importantly the vision that I have in my head is what I want to introduce to all of you. Early this fall is my projected opening. Actual dates to come…

In the meantime I have been working on my personal little studio here at home. My Libby Lou turned one and is ornery more than ever, my cousin had the most handsome set of twins Dane and Caden who have inspired me just not yet sure how, going on two big trips the International Spring Quilt Market (Pittsburgh in May) and Primitives of the Midwest with three of the most amazing quilters/women I know (Kansas City, MO in June). 2009 has really started off GREAT I hope it continues that way. I obviously have a ton of things to do…later!

P.S. One of the tasks on the list is being better about blogging... I am a little bummed can't use my red pen on this one.