Thursday, November 4, 2010

To the South and Beyond!

Well hello it has been awhile huh?  I am sure some of you were wondering where I have been… or at least I hope so!
my booth in Atlanta
Well first there was the sister Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, Atlanta!  Like last month in Columbus Dad loaded me up with shop in the pig trailer and we tackled the 13-hour trek down there.  It was a successful fair with quite a different feel.  I think that all who attended had a great time and as always I met a lot of nice people! I have to say though I think Columbus is my favorite but then again I am partial…. I am an Ohio girl!  I had quite the entourage this time… Mom, Dad, Judi, cousin Tiffany (from Prattville, Alabama) and Uncle John (from Harrisburg, PA) all came down!  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took.  My favorite it the little southern baby girl with the giant bow! If you didn’t know the mama’s in the South love them a cute bow for their daughters hair.  The weekend in Georgia went super fast which lead to the long haul home… don’t ya just hate long drives home?   Well we made it back to Fowler, Ohio and within 48-hours mom and I were off again to Fall Quilt Market in Houston, Texas…


So with a couple quick loads of laundry and another pack of a suitcase mom and I were off to the airport!  The last four days were a whirlwind in the state that everything is bigger.  We started off on Friday at school house for those of you don’t know what that is it is a full day of 30 minute classes in which all the new patterns and fabric companies show their new products off. I love going to them because I feel like it’s important for me to know what the hot new product is to share with you when I get home! Oh and shopping spree…let just say it’s a crazy evening in which there is a lot of grabbing of fabric and patterns that is not out yet! Then Saturday and Sunday mom and I shopped and ordered fabric!  Although the fabric won’t start rolling in till the beginning of the year the good news is I have been finally receiving all the fabrics I ordered at spring market! I am a little disappointed my favorite Australian designers were not there but yesterday I met a new one and very excited to share the new patterns I bought! I ordered some awesome kits from Moda that I am going to do a class on this spring and I can’t wait!  It incorporates two of my favorite things hand appliqué and stitchery!!!!
Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts... the funniest quilter I think I have ever...she stood on a table at school house!  The quilts below are from her new book...I am going to have them and plan on doing a fun club along with it!!!!

This Lecien Fabrics new Designers!  So excited I am getting some of thier fabrics and most importantly going to be carrying the FULL line of COSMO floss!!!!

Sara Fielke and her new line of fabric and will be getting her new book in Material Obsession 2!!! Oh and I am getting some of the fabric and will be doing this free pattern as a kit!!!!

This is Roslyn Quinlan... I am really excited to have brought some of her new patterns home!

So excited about this quilt!!! I ordered the kits and going to have a class can't wait!!! Below are some of the fabric designers from moda.  Can you figure out who is who?

I’m going to say bye for now because the pilot is telling us we have to put our computers away.  Landing in Pittsburgh in a few…. then back home to  Fowler I am hoping to get some rest before opening the shop in the a.m.! (I didn't get this posted till today you will have to forgive me)

P.S.  If you stop into the shop this week please excuse the lil messy going on I have lots of things to but away still from my trip to Atlanta… I am hoping to get it all done tomorrow!