Saturday, September 24, 2011

Country Living Fair 2011 Columbus Ohio PART 2

Hello Again!  Well today is part to of the Columbus Country Living Fair... It was as always absolutely great. I am still tired from last weekend.  Seems hard to believe that it was a week ago.  I wish I had more time to walk around and take pictures but at least I got a few!  The booth was always busy... without mom and dad I don't know what I would do!  My friend Judi came and helped and thank goodness and I can't forget about Josh!  He came on Friday to help out and we enjoyed BBQ for lunch.  All in all it was a great!  If you have never been to CLF you should really try to get to one they are pretty great.  I am excited I just got the fabric Little Apples from Aneela Hoey in and I plan on getting a quilt done for Atlanta along with some other fun stuff!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I promise to get a couple more blogs out before we depart for Atlanta.  I need to get products up on my new shopping site and somehow make time for a news letter!  We will see what happens... one thing at a time right!?

Josh Made this AWESOME Ribbon Rack!

Just need an "H"

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Kelly said...

Kori- your booth turned out fabulous!!! So fun, yet absolutely exhausting!