Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Running on E: Quilt Market Houston, TX

I sit here and have decided that for that last few months I have been fueled by adrenaline.  The adrenaline has disappeared and I think I may be a little tired.  So as I sit here and type I may nod off but don't worry I won't I have a hot cup of Joe in front of me!  :)

It's been almost a week that I have returned home from both Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston.  Some of you may be unfamiliar with my little business.  I have a quilt shop in a one room school house and in my 5th year of business.  In the last year I have been working really hard on my own pattern line!  Houston was my second quilt market and actually second quilt festival!  My first market was Pittsburgh and a few years ago I did Cincinnati Quilt Festival.  Houston though felt like a first all over again. The saying "Everything is bigger in Texas" it truly IS! I presented my new pattern line for market and for festival I brought product from the shop as well debuted OG patterns.

Here is my market booth... I am really really proud of it!  That is a lot of hand embroidery and love put into those projects.

Quilt Market Booth - 2014 Houston, TX

Here are a few of the projects.  I will be putting all the patterns in my on-line shop and over the next few weeks I plan on blogging about each project.  I name my projects after people that I love and places that I have been!  In the posts I will talk about my design process and what types of threads and fabric I used! From top to bottom:  Effie, Camden, Kori and Abbie and the Pillow is Spike and Curly!

Tomorrow I will be unloading my little van... yes when we got home last Thursday I repacked my van and did a nice little quilt guild show in Parma, Ohio over the weekend.  Today I have to admit I did not do much of anything. I went and got a much needed hair cut and thought I would show you all my quilt market booth that I am so proud of.   I want to thank my mom and Josh... without you two my life is not complete and you are my rocks and my cheerleaders.  I look at these pictures and i still can't believe that those quilts are mine.  I met so many great people and it amazes me how many great things happened while we were away.  I may be running on E... but I know deep down I am full of energy and ready to get to work for the next market.  If only there were more hours in the day.  Talk to you soon! 
Fondly, Kori 


RED said...

Everything is just right....done with your flair, and help from your Mom who is no shirker when it comes to talent! Thanks for sharing!

Denniele said...

Kori, your booth was beautiful! I enjoyed meeting and chatting with you and your mom! Get some rest!

Janet Joehlin said...

Yay! I want to hear and see it all!