Monday, May 2, 2011

Virginia Wedding & Family Time

So over the weekend Josh and I headed down to Virginia... somewhat my old stomping grounds.  Josh was in a wedding and his twin live down there too.  It was a LONG drive there and home but we made it! For some reason if there was going to be bumper to bumper traffic we found it.   I thought I would share with you a project for Josh's nephews I made too.

I have wanted to get these pillow cases done since Christmas so Thursday I put my nose to the grind stone and whipped them up.  They are king size a perfect size for little people.  Dawson is 10 and Aiden will be 4 shortly! I used 1/2 meters of Japanese fabric from here at the shop!  So glad we got to visit with Josh's family along with going to a wedding.

There is nothing better than a wedding. I mean come on it really was a weekend of weddings.  Before we left for Virginia I was up before 6 to see Catherine get out of the car!  Wasn't she beautiful?  The dress was beautiful and I loved her small bouquet!  Our wedding we went to was just as beautiful it was set on an old horse farm turned into a B&B and wedding venue.  Was small and intimate and the food was amazing.  It was right up Josh and I's alley!  BBQ pulled pork, slaw, baked beans, tater salad you get the point!  Not traditional is what it's all about these days so Congrats to the new couple in lots of ways! The best part of the day was the weather it was absolutely beautiful!


Donna said...

I'm so happy you are a regular now...I love peeking into your world. The pillow cases were a hit, I'm sure. That white brick house is the style we are building for our retirement it!

Kori Turner (olive grace studios) said...

That is awesome Donna! I hope that new house has a sewing room for you!

Donna said...

But, of course! And when the architect showed me how big it would be I told them they could do whatever else they wanted to do with the house, but that was my space and not to be trifled with! Can't wait.