Friday, August 13, 2010

A good friend... Judi and my Camera!

So lately I have been taking lots of pictures with my new camera! Well I got it for Christmas... It's a REALLY good camera you know one of those Canon Rebels... way over my head. So when mom and dad surprised it with my I was like Whoa Wa. I am still not really sure how to use it but I decided if I don't use the flash it really takes awesome pictures. I have been around my artsy friends and cousin Tiffany long enough that I know what a "cool" picture looks like. Over the weekend a very good friend of my mom and I had a wedding shower for her son and future daughter in law. Of course mom made some incredible food and I was the wanna be photographer slash assistant to mom. Although for this occasion I did also help Judi out in the invitation and favor department. It was easy to design them because Judi gave me some inspiration from an old wedding favor. Judi collects vintage wedding toppers...she has been collecting them since she was little! We were inspired by Hatched and Patched the Bon Bon Pattern and made the little fabric candies I think they would be great to put special pieces of jewelry. Well anyway here are some of the 250 shots I took on Sunday! Let me know what you think....

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Catswhiskers said...

very nice. I like the pictures from your family vacation.
Great camera, great professional!