Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aunt Bea

Aunt Bea is one of my pets...actually Bea is my dad's beautiful Yellow Lab! So I have been baking Apple Cranberry Pies all night for my mom. She hired me to bake them for a catering job she is doing tomorrow. It's a nice compliment from the Paula Dean of the Midwest (that's what I call her) to ask me to bake pies. She asked me though because I learned from the best! Grandma Sharon...she was one amazing lady (she is a whole blog in herself). back to Bea.


It is almost one in the morning and I am out of pie crust and apples. Oh geez... hopefully I can get 32 pieces out of 5 pies. Well, I need to go make a truce with Bea and tell her I love her then hit the hay!


hand.pecked said...

Bea's my girl, this is why I love her.

brandon rossen said...

love the new stuff and keep it up