Friday, December 12, 2008

Website and Blog

I officially bought the rights to Olive Grace Studios last night! Gotta love: I was so proud of myself after two hours of saying curse words and finally getting an under construction page done and published. Today though I decided that I need to either take a web design class or PAY someone to design it. So…my mom was looking at quilt shop websites tonight and she pointed out one and said “your’s need to be like this”. The funny thing is it was all flash based and fancy. Something this girl can’t do on her own. Oh and this came from the lady who is just learning how to email (I love you mom)! Maybe, Santa will send me some cash for a cool website instead of two front teeth. In conclusion to website design it may be a while for my COOL website to be up and running but I have moved up in the world. I have my very own web address! I have so many ideas for the website and hopefully can find someone to help me get them from my brain to the web! Next subject...
So today I am looking at my new website that links to my blog and of course I am all proud of myself. I then realize that I have comments…yes comments. So I clicked on them and wow I had one from a friend that gave me a hard time for not blogging the correct way. Then I was more embarrassed that it was all the way back in September along with others I did not realize were there. I am officially a bad blogger but practice makes perfect and I am going to try my damnedest to dazzle my readers. I will get better…I hope! Please be patient with my blogging skillz

P.S. If anybody knows a good web-designer let me know!!!!!

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hand.pecked said...

I would stay away from the flash heavy websites since the contents can not be "searched" through google and can be hard to go back and for between pages. For example, the cannon site is hard to navigate and find specific pages.