Friday, December 5, 2008

Better Late Than Never...

So my last entry was back in September and I think it came soon after I put my month's notice in at my corporate job. I was anxious to see my new logo appear somewhere on line and to feel like my future job was legit...Whatever that means... sounds good to tell people when you proceed to tell them that you quit your job in the big city to purse a "dream" of owning a quilt shop and being a traveling crafter in a bad economy. Wow, I am out of breath just typing that. So yeah I left good money and a power career to move back to Ohio to pursue my dream of being a "entrepreneur/urban farm girl/quilter/designer" the list goes on. Actually, founder of a little idea call Olive Grace Studios.

So... hear I am back in the Under Pant State planning... doing a lot of planning. I am trying to figure out what craft markets I want to go to and when I want to open a permanent shop! Just so you all know this big idea a.k.a. my "dream" has been brewing for a long time probably since I was a little girl...from Mom pushing me into quilt shops in a stroller and buying me fat quarters to Grandma Olive and I going to craft shows I being her assistant while she sold her hand made wares to Great Grandma Janet letting me have a needle and thread when I was 4 or 5 sewing scraps together making who knows what but always having Grandpa Bum's approval. I think that's what did it! It's getting late next time I will have pictures and stories on how I came up with the name Olive Grace.

P.S. Ohio is shaped like a pair of Under Pants look at a map you will see it!

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Liz Demos said...

happy to see you blogging. adding you to my link list on my blog.