Thursday, May 21, 2009


Serendipity is defined at as phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. I think that this trip has made that happen in more ways than one…

So for the last eight days mom and I have walked our little feet off and our last stop was a little place called Serendipity 3. Yep you probably all have heard of it know for their frozen hot chocolate! Girls let me tell you it is one of the best chocolate experiences you will ever have! AMAZING it is a must when you come to New York City…. Oh and just so you know this was not a relaxing getaway.

So here is how I break it all down…
May 14th through 17th:
Mom and I started off the Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh with a day of seminars hearing Valori Wells, Amy Butler, Carrie Nelson, Sue Spargo and many other amazing designers speak about their fabric lines and patterns. As well as getting many ideas for developing business and being creative. Friday and Saturday were like a whirl wind (kind of how this blog is going to seem… I am apologizing now). Friday the official day of buying started off very interesting…as mom passed the Westminster Fibers booth she noticed and pointed out Joel Dewberry’s new fabric line. “She said look Kor (pointing) Joel Dewberry”. The next thing I know I am shaking Joel’s hand and we begin to chit chat! I MET Joel Dewberry! How cool is that…Thank God for mom and her “outgoing personality”! BTW Olive Grace will have his new line of fabric! I am so glad I knew exactly what I wanted and had a defined vision of what I want the quilt shop to look like. If not I would have been thoroughly overwhelmed. Hence Friday we looked and noted, Saturday was the day for buying and Sunday was finishing up odd and end business! In conclusion I have about 2000 yards of fabric coming to the shop!

May 17th: Trip on AMTRAK to NYC nine hours sitting on a train. I should have listened to a friend of mine… he told me it was a trick to take the train (I will listen next time). It may seen romantic to ride on a train but not so much…it’s not like in the movies. At least I can say I got to experience it…on the other hand I think you need to do at least once. Oh the engineer does wear O'sh Gosh Bi gosh pinstripe bib overalls minus the bandanna and they throw in an "All a Board" to annoy the crap out of ya!

May 18th through today
This whole trip has involved getting up at six in the morning and going off to dreamland around one or so. Monday we decided to start off the day late. Mom and I got the much needed rest we needed and headed to the National Stationary Show. Unlike the quilt show it was a bit more intense. All the beautiful stationary designs made it tough to narrow the selection of greeting cards as well as some gifts I wanted in the shop. I really was and am on the quest to give my dedicated quilting customer a nice selection of products for themselves and to give as gifts. My other goal is to not only have products for quilters but for folks who don’t sew. So ladies who want to give a unique gift to a special friend come this fall and check out all the goodies. Oh and for all the husband/ boyfriends who need an awesome gift for that special lady come in!!!! I have a lot of nice gifts coming with that being said I am really excited to share them with you all! That was a bit of a side note but honestly the stationary show really helped me in that area. Our trip to NYC was like the city in its self…BUSY!

Mom and I are on our way back home. I have a million and one things to do (literally)! Keep and eye out on the blog to hear what is coming in and what is going on with the shop progress. The word of the trip really is serendipity… with not knowing what to expect out of this trip a lot of great things have happened….

P.S.: I apologize for not have many pictures. I was sitting in a seminar went to get a picture of Amy Butler and her new fun things and realized I had forgotten my camera! Dad over night-ed it… so I only have some shots of NYC. Plus no pictures were allowed to be taken at the show. I guess you are just going to have to come see the shop when it opens…

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Laura said...

Whew! What an amazing trip! You sound like you just got of the magnum at Cedar Point. I am so excited for you! 2 days of school left!