Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Days and counting...

Well, it has been a few weeks since I have blogged... and let me tell ya A LOT has been going on.  Number one reason is I have been working really hard to get ready for this weekends big event...

Country Living Fair in Columbus!  

 I have an awesome announcement! Amy Barickman (some of you know her as the founder of Indigo Junction...yes as in the patterns!) called me up and asked if we could team up and I would be the retail spot/booth to sell her new book Vintage Notions!  So if you plan on coming to the fair come to my booth #365F to check it out and just maybe Amy herself will be there to talk to you and sign a book! Just so you know that if you can't make it to Columbus or Atlanta I have the book in the shop.  I have been thoroughly enjoying this very special book.  Amy will be speaking and doing a book signing at the Country Living Main Stage on Friday at 1:00pm! It is such a huge compliment that Amy decided to team up with me there are sooooo many amazing talented vendors at this fair I feel well words can't describe!  Hence I am really excited about the weekend!  Dad still has to pressure wash the pig trailer to put all precious cargo in. Yes that's how we get everything to the fair and it's awesome works out great...and NO it doesn't stink PROMISE! Well with that being said I have lots to do only 3 days left really only one day left here at the shop...EEEK! In the meantime here are  some pictures of whats been going on and a sneak peak at a few things I have been working on... 

My cousin helping me tag stuff...awesome helper!
printing of the shop newsletter hope you all enjoyed or enjoying!
I even fit in a small quilt show last weekend in Warren... Thanks Crazy Quilters Quilt Guild for the invite!
The booth that day and mom stitching on binding!
Last but not least...I thought she was chewing on that sock.
But, really it was my orange Pearle cotton...
her deciding to pounce it... Libby you are not a cat your a BULLDOG!
she is so cute it's hard to be mad at her... and I have tons more pictures of my sewing dog in all her glory with a ball of thread!  It was worth the break to take these!
Well I am off to sleep now.  I hope that I see some of you this weekend in Columbus!

P.S. Don't forget to check the website for Shop Hours while at the fair and upcoming Atlanta Country Living Fair! www.olivegracestudios.com/news


joyce said...

I wish I lived in Ohio and could come visit your little red schoolhouse. It looks fabulous! And I'm so jealous as I'd like to have my own little red schoolhouse turned into a quilting/sewing studio. Lucky you!! Have fun with the show this weekend! Just curious . . . why are you named "Olive Grace Studios". If it's on your blog, sorry; I haven't made it through all of the entries yet.

BunnyNuts said...

Just left Country Living Fair and it was great! Your booth is always so full of inspiration and getting to me Amy and pick up her book was a added bonus! Hope to see you in Columbus next year!