Thursday, September 2, 2010

Up at the Crack of Dawn

sun comin up over the sewing machine
So I am typically not a morning person but today I decided to roll out of bed at 6:00 a.m.  Just so you know my eyes actually opened at about 3:30 a.m.  On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings I have been staying at mom and dad's house in preparation of the upcoming Country Living Fair'S!  Yes not just one but two...  Anyway I don't know if it's just my nerves getting the best of me or the 50 pound bulldog slash little old grandpa who made her way into my room which then proceeded to snore all night.  She slept on the floor and I think both the echoing of the old house and vibrations of her breathing made for not a good nights sleep.  I think that is just an excuse though.  20 more days till the Columbus Country Living Fair and lots to do.  My fat quarter folder and myself have been busy in the shop getting shop stuff ready such as fat quarters plus working on product that that I make and tagging all the vintage things I have for the booth!

Over the weekend for a little inspiration and few minutes away from sewing I met a couple special girls at the Meadow Lands Flea Market outside of Pittsburgh.  What a great flea market wow... that is a TRUE flea's hideout.  Old school style actually it was all antiques no socks or out of date mayonnaise for goodness sake.  Last Sunday was another early day we left here at 6:30 a.m. (5:00a.m. wake up) and arrived pretty early and by 11:00 a.m. we were hot and tired.  Great treasures in hand we blew that hot box of a flea market and decided on going to an antique shop then lunch... in A.C!  

P is for Piggie

So that is a wrap up of what has been going on around here!  So nice to see Abbie and had been almost a year exactly.  Last year at this time all my best friends came to see my shop come to life in a celebration that in my heart will never be forgotten! If only there were more hours in the day and Seattle, Savannah, D.C. and even Columbus were just a wee bit closer.

P.S. I almost forgot... today is the official start of college football... Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Marshall 7:30p.m. Big Ten Network... I only hope I am awake at that time! Go Bucks!!!! O-H!!!!


hand pecked debb said...


Oh good you took a picture of the big red letters. I was so in love with those but for $45 each? Yikes.

I still cannot believe it's been a year since you've had your open house. It feels like a lot longer having seen you plan your life for this adventure and I couldn't beam with pride any harder. I really wish you are closer so all the DC folks I talk to about your shop can get to you easier.

Your biggest fan from Vienna of Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kori,
Just wanted to let you know that someone else was reading! My mom and I are looking forward to seeing you at the fair in Columbus!

Lorri Matey

EgMo said...

Hi Kori,

Enjoyed seeing all the changes to the shop. Always a fun place to visit!

Just checked out your blog and saw a mention of a flea market near Pittsburgh..."Meadow Land". Searched online and came up empty except for one in New Jersey...a wee bit far for an afternoon outing! I know you're busy with shows at the moment but if you get a chance and remember, could you please drop a line with the info.

Best wishes for a wonderful show in Columbus! Enjoy yourtself.

See you soon,
Liz Moffitt : )